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Artie White was a local man who was born and raised in Grimsby. He was married to Janet and had four children: Barry, Dawn, Rachel and Rebecca. His passions were his family and football.

He lived and enjoyed life to the full. When he had to give up playing football due to injury, he became a football manager and an inspiration to many local teams.

Artie was a tough guy on the outside but a gentleman on the inside. He was always looking out for others by trying to raise money for sick children, injured footballers or just individuals who had fallen on hard times. He was a very genuine person who was so loving and giving. He would give you the coat off his back if you needed it.

In 1996 Artie White died suddenly of a heart attack. His family and friends were devastated and they wanted to do something for him so that he would never be forgotten.

The foundation was formed in January 1997 originally by chairman and best friend Barry Meadows alongside a group of Artie’s other close friends. They decided that raising money for local people in need would be a lasting testament. The foundation has continued to achieve its aims by raising thousands of pounds for local people and keeping the memory of Artie White alive for his family.

Artie’s only son joined the foundation in 1999 but sadly died of a hereditary heart disease seven years after his father. Two of Artie’s daughters and his granddaughter are also members of the foundation along with many of his friends and dedicated fundraisers.

The fundraising wheels are kept turning by a dedicated committee of local people, some of whom knew, loved and respected Artie. Other committee members have joined along the way bringing with them the skills needed to enhance the fundraising activities and are all bound together with a common goal of keeping this well respected charity alive. A charity which gives wholeheartedly to those in need around Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

If you have a worthy cause in need of our support or if you are interested in donating to the charity please see the relevant section on our contacts page.

The following key fundraising events are held annually:

The Artie White Corporate Golf Day

The Artie White Sports Dinner

Regular bowling fundraising events

and more…

Some images in memory of Artie..

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