As you can imagine with us being a charity that has been formed almost 18 years we have raised a lot of money for our local community over the years.

In 2016-2017 the Foundation donated to various groups as shown in the following table.

Donations by Artie White Foundation 2016
Jake Storr £500
Sue Oxborough £2,500
H D U Ward NHS , Grimsby £500
GY & Clee F/C Association £200
GY Disabilities F/C £500
Teenage Cancer Trust £300
Olivia Paxman £50
N E Lincs Women’s Aid £500
Kerry Ann Shaw £500
 N E Lincs Carers £100
Grimsby Food Kitchen £500
Mayflower Inn £400
Clee Disabilities F/C £500
Fusion Boxing FIT £500
GY Town Disabled F/C £200
10th GY Boys Brigade £500

If you are in need of our support or if you are interested in donating to the charity please see the relevant section in our contacts page.